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Dr. Mukand’s book, “Man with Bionic Brain”, nominated for Saroyan Prize by Stanford University

The Man with the Bionic Brain and Other Victories Over Paralysis by Jon Mukand MD, PhD, medical director of Southern New England Rehabilitation Center, was shortlisted by the Stanford University Libraries for the sixth William Saroyan International Prize for Writing (Saroyan Prize).

The book tells the story, among others, of Matthew Nagle, completely paralyzed from the neck down, who was the first recipient of the Brown University-developed BrainGate neural interface system.

In 2004, neurosurgeons implanted microelectrodes in Nagle’s brain that transmitted his thought patterns to a computer, allowing him to control a computer cursor.

The Saroyan awards are intended to encourage new or emerging writers and honor the Saroyan literary legacy of originality, vitality and stylistic innovation.

The prize recognizes newly published works of both fiction and non-fiction. William Saroyan, an American writer and playwright, is a Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winner best known for his short stories about experiences of immigrant families and children in California.