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Outpatient sites offer variety of rehabilitation services

Did you know that Southern New England Rehabiltation Center has two outpatient rehabilitation centers? At these convenient locations, a team of capable and caring professionals provide patients with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology.

Some members of these therapy teams have over 30 years of experience in their chosen field. Each individual is assessed on a personal basis to receive the hands-on personalized care they need to achieve a successful recovery. Services are coordinated with referring physicians, who can write prescriptions for patients in need of therapy services.

Our outpatient rehabilitation professionals treat conditions including neurologic, stroke, back and neck injuries, shoulder pain/surgery, spinal cord injuries, foot and ankle problems, speech/language/cognitive and swallowing difficulties, sports injuries, wrist and hand injuries, lymphedema and post knee or hip surgery.

Our Providence office also offers a comprehensive wheelchair clinic, where individual requiring a highly specialized wheelchair can receive a personalized evaluation. Videostroboscopy is available in our North Providence office This exam allows staff to provide an assessment and treatment of vocal cord function and voice quality through video analysis. Follow-up voice therapy services are also available at our Providence office. Lymphedema therapy is offered in our North Providence office.

Both outpatient offices are Joint Commission-certified and accept a variety of insurances. Employees who receive benefits through one of our affiliates have their co-pay waived at these outpatient therapy sites once their deductible is reached. To reach the North Providence office at 1637 Mineral Spring Avenue, please call 456-3950. The Providence office, located at 21 Peace Street, can be reached at 456-4177.