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Pets bring therapeutic benefits to patients at SNERC

A group of patients from Southern New England Rehabilitation Center (SNERC) are looking forward to today’s visit from Izzy, a dog trained to deliver Pet Assisted Therapy. As they wait in the activity room, they share tales of dogs and other pets they have owned over the years. When Izzy arrives, they turn their attention to the affectionate dog who clearly loves being the center of attention.

Pet therapy is a regular feature at SNERC and is rooted in the belief that there is a therapeutic benefit to regular interactions between people and animals. On this day, it is clear these patients are enjoying their visit with Izzy, who comes to SNERC through the Windwalker Humane Coalition, which offers training courses for people who think their pets would be well-suited to pet therapy.

Pet therapy is typically seen in a nursing home or assisted living setting but was brought to SNERC especially for the inpatients who sometimes face challenging rehabilitation stints. It is just another way SNERC is working to get people feeling better, both physically and emotionally.